Mini 1L 2,500 Use Dispenser

One liter, 2,500 use, automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for use with Tazza® foaming hand sanitizer.


  • Compact design great for behind the counter, bathrooms or throughout your location
  • Automatic foam dispenser delivers consistent amount every time
  • Significantly less expensive and time consuming than water, soap & paper towels
  • Silver finish
  • Two larger versions also available, in either a wall or optional pole mount (Compact & Luxury)
  • Specs: 4.75" Wide X 10" Tall X 4.5" Deep

Select from our alcohol-free or 62% alcohol-based Tazza® brand foaming hand sanitizers. Both kill 99.99% of the most common germs that may cause illness and are formulated with aloe and other softeners to leave your hands moisturized. Alcohol-Free sanitizer is Benzalkonium Chloride based.

Alcohol - Free

Alcohol - Based

Add optional base / pole set ($60)


10-pack 1L cartridges
25,000 total uses - Less than 1 cent per use

$179 total & eligible for free shipping

For large institutional orders please call 1-877-837-7210
Minimum of 10-cartridges per dispenser ordered. $17.90 per 1L cartridge with 2,500 boosts.