Why Hand Sanitizer Billboards Are Shaking Up Digital Advertising in 2019

Ellie Whims
Ellie Whims

Digital mediums are taking over traditional print ad billboards by storm. Despite today’s mobile focused audiences, “out-of-home” (OOH) billboard advertising is seeing its heyday at a record spend of $38 billion in 2018. Sky high digital billboard clusters are undeniably impressive. Brands are enveloping the busiest retail structures with color bursting visuals. Billboards are consistently delivering massive reach and lift in purchase intent, exceeding digital ads online.

Why Now

Every day, two thirds of U.S. companies commit to sharing the same digital marketing methods in the relentless race for online pay-per-click (PPC) visibility. With 7 million advertisers on Facebook alone, the battle for the best OOH billboard spaces has become more aggressive than ever. What was expected to soon be an ad medium relic, has turned into the most sought after OOH advertising real estate. In early 2018, Netflix shelled out a whopping $150 million for 32 billboards along the Sunset Strip in Hollywood.

Local “Real-World-Takeover”

Until now, “real-world-takeover” billboard advertising was the privilege of fortune 100 industry titans. Renting multiple billboard spaces with location specific campaigns normally requires a hefty budget for a mere week of brand visibility. With demand for strategically placed billboard spaces at record highs, Terraboost’s 72,000 patented hand sanitizer billboards have caught the attention of national brands, including pharma giant, Mucinex.

How Mucinex Covered Hand Sanitizer Billboards Across 1000 Rite Aid Locations

At a fraction of standard billboard CPM rates across the U.S., Terraboost kiosks are incredibly affordable. But they have also proven the perk of delivering unprecedented results. As one of the first national brands to use the new medium, Mucinex reaped the benefits of advertising outside the commonplace ad spaces. The hand sanitizer billboard was placed near the pharmacy counter of 1000 Rite Aid stores. Mucinex capitalized on longer dwell time, reaching consumers while they were thinking about their health. A Nielsen study found

A Hard Look At Hand Sanitizer Billboards ROI

• Over 2 billion repeat ad impressions are rolling in every month from 72,000 hand sanitizer billboards in drugstore locations, malls, supermarkets, including a number of airports nationwide.

• A staggering 67% of the visitors decide to approach the billboards and pull a hand sanitizer wipe, interacting with the ad and connecting with the brand.

• 63% of viewers recall the ad, raising a 30% lift in purchase intent

Terraboost’s groundbreaking niche in OOH advertising has quickly spread across U.S. retail meccas. Local and chain wide brands are enabled to take over entire areas without breaking the bank. Conventional billboards and online ads have yet to pull off systematic consumer-brand interactions at the scale and price tag of hand sanitizer kiosks.

National branding is taking a new shape, forced by exploring ways to set impactful footprints outside the congested blur of digital feeds. Empowering businesses and entrepreneurs to afford multiple location personalized billboards on a whim is setting the new standard for competitive branding. This changes the way companies think about the availability of billboard advertising. Unparalleled, low CPM, coupled with sponsoring free hand sanitizer wipes, is creating a smart and health conscious engagement between brands and consumers in their familiar hometown retail locations.

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