Top 4 Examples of Brilliant Healthcare Campaigns

Ellie Whims
Ellie Whims

Marketing is essential for the success of any healthcare entity. Therefore, Terraboosts believes it’s beneficial for industry players to conduct effective local marketing campaigns to remain competitive. But what is the healthcare sector doing to market itself? This short post showcases the top four healthcare marketing campaigns industry players have conducted recently. So, if you are a healthcare professional or entrepreneur, keep reading to learn from the best.

Medical Realities: Surgical Training in 360 Degrees

Medical Realities‘ campaign tops our list. The tech-savvy medical training entity utilizes virtual reality (VR) in teaching complex medical topics among industry experts. It uses videos to teach viewers how to conduct successful surgery from a patient’s standpoint. The firm uses Facebook’s VR solution to let viewers drag its video 360 degrees using a cursor. This campaign shows how best doctors can experience their surgical processes from a patient perspective.

Key takeaway: Embracing modern tech is indispensable if you want to succeed in your practice.

New York Presbyterian Hospital: Patient Stories

We are all oral creatures wired with oral tradition in our nature. Therefore, none of us can claim they are “so educated or hi-tech” that stories don’t move them. The New York-Presbyterian Hospital discovered this fact and launched a successful marketing campaign in the form of patient stories. It used inspiring success stories of the patients it saved using its services. The hospital built a complete video marketing campaign based on patient stories. For instance, Michael Kiernan is one of the patients featured in the video. He exemplifies how the hospital maintains strong ties with its audiences.

Key takeaway: Stories are still a viable local solution for marketing campaigns. Try them in yours.

J & J: Future Nurse Preparation

Johnson & Johnson’s campaigns for preparing future nurses is another success story of how a local healthcare business can conduct successful marketing. In 2017, the giant company narrowed its efforts into the nursing career. The company’s Campaign for Nurse’s Future campaign focuses on addressing the nation’s biting nursing shortfall. This shortage is escalating with projections indicating that we will have a shortage of more than 500,000 nurses before 2015. The marketing plan endeavors to encourage more people to train as nurses to uphold healthcare’s future availability and quality. The company has created an online version of the campaign where nursing bodies and learning institutions exchange data and other resources for assisting in providing nurses and students equal opportunities.

Key takeaway: Identifying and addressing problems industry challenges is still a viable way of marketing a healthcare local business.

Henry Schein: Accessible Oral Health Campaign

Henry Schein discovered a problem within the healthcare industry—that people living with disabilities are almost neglected in oral health matters. Therefore, it partnered with The Viscardi Center and NYU Dental School to produce the Project Accessible Oral Health (PAOH). This outreach sensitizes people about and addresses the need for enhancing oral healthcare among this forgotten group. The company’s campaign helps these people to overcome particular challenges, such as their inability to pay for dental procedures. It also addresses their difficulties in accessing dental services due to physical limitations. The firm seeks to show the world that healthcare players can remain committed to improving people’s lives, their challenges notwithstanding.

Key takeaway: Committing to improving other people’s lives even though their challenges is a viable local solution in any clinic and other healthcare players can optimize in their marketing campaigns.

Find More Brilliant Healthcare Campaigns

A smartly conceived and implemented local marketing campaign can catapult any healthcare entrepreneur to success. By looking at these four examples, we believe you can learn viable lessons to integrate into your future campaigns.