8 Proven Healthcare Marketing Ideas for Maximum Reach [2023 Edition] 

Ellie Whims
Ellie Whims

Effective advertising entails a lot more than creating flashy and informational content. It’s just as important to deliver that advertisement and use all the modern marketing tools to ensure your target audience will see your brand.

This article will outline the best and most established advertising strategies for healthcare marketing. So, let’s get started!

The 8 Best Medical And Healthcare Marketing Ideas

Here are the best medical and healthcare marketing ideas:

  • Wellness Billboards Inside Walgreens & CVS
  • Geofencing Ads to Convert New Patients
  • Video Marketing
  • Search Ads to Target Treatments And Conditions
  • Local SEO & Reviews
  • Referrals From Local Physicians
  • Medical Email Marketing For Patient Retention
  • Social Media Marketing In Healthcare

Wellness Billboards Inside Walgreens & CVS

Some of the most successful healthcare marketing strategies utilize wellness billboards– and for good reason. For one, they can be placed at in-person locations that healthcare consumers are known to frequent, such as pharmacies, doctor offices, and hospitals. Also, health-conscious consumers have a positive opinion of billboards that offer sanitizing wipes and will view your brand as an active public health institution. 

What’s great about these wellness billboards is that they can display both non-digital and digital ads. This means your marketing campaign can utilize all the great tools that come with digital ad space, such as geofencing, and programmatic placements. 

Terraboost is a leader in wellness billboard advertising and an independent study showed that 89% of shoppers took a wipe from their sanitizing kiosks and that 94% had a positive opinion of companies that sponsor wellness billboards. If you are looking to get a head start on your marketing campaign, Terraboost agents can offer you crucial industry advice and provide a free quote. 

Geofencing Ads to Convert New Patients

For healthcare marketing, you’ll want to concentrate your ad placements close to care centers like doctor offices and pharmacies. This can be done through out-of-home (OOH) advertising methods such as highway billboards near a hospital or non-digital pharmacy displays. However, the latest digital marketing geofencing tools take audience targeting to the next level. 

One common geofencing tool is proximity targeting. Digital ads with proximity targeting capabilities use mobile location services to deliver pre-programmed advertisements to consumers’ mobile devices. If you’ve ever walked past digital ad space and seen an ad for a discount coupon pop up on your social media feed or Google search results, it was due to proximity targeting. 

Another fantastic geofencing feature is retargeting. Let’s say a person engages with a Terraboost wellness billboard near a pharmacy display. By using anonymized mobile location data, your online ads can then be featured on the consumer’s mobile phone later on to try and convert them once again. Retargeting makes it easy to synergize your digital out-of-home advertising with your online ad campaigns and increase customer conversions for your medical practice.

Video Marketing

Video marketing lets you promote your healthcare practice through an engaging medium that can communicate pertinent information. These could be explainer videos of an innovative medical treatment you offer, customer testimonials, promotional content, or even event coverage. 

It’s important to remember who you are targeting with your ads and whether you wish to appeal to the audience’s emotions or establish your healthcare center as a knowledgeable expert in the medical field.

  • One way to make an emotional connection with consumers is through patient testimonials that showcase success stories. When consumers see how you’ve helped others, they’re encouraged to similarly place their medical needs in your hands. 
  • Alternatively, your videos can feature innovative healthcare products, state-of-the-art facilities, or awards you’ve received in patient care. This form of video marketing establishes you and your practice as a reputable expert. 

Don’t forget the most important part– include a call to action at the end of your advertising video that encourages prospective patients to visit your clinic or doctor’s office!

What makes video marketing versatile is that you can reuse your videos across a variety of platforms. If you have a compelling cable TV ad in which customers give testimonials, you can repurpose that ad for Facebook, YouTube, and your website landing page. 

Search Ads to Target Treatments and Conditions

Leveraging search engine ads, such as Google ads, has become essential to just about every business, especially those who do strategic marketing in healthcare.

Search ads ensure that your content is relevant to online consumers by utilizing their internet search data. For example, if a consumer is searching the internet for a specific medical treatment or information about a chronic condition, your practice can appear at the top of the search lists as a sponsored Google ad. 

To make the most of search ads, you’ll want to spend significant time and thought on generating a list of key terms that will activate your ad’s appearance. You want to find the right terms or phrases a consumer would search when they are further down on the buyer/sales funnel and prepared to solicit the help of medical professionals. 

Local SEO & Reviews

Getting in front of your target audience is the most important thing in advertising. So, if you aren’t looking to deploy a national campaign but instead are targeting a specific region, Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is crucial. 

When a potential patient searches for nearby doctor’s offices, clinics, or hospitals, you want your brand to be at the top of the search results. To do this on Google, you’ll need to claim your listing, conduct citation building, and continually update your profile. One of the most important techniques to ensure your healthcare organization is ranked highly in your local region is to secure as many five-star reviews as possible. You can obviously drive this through good service, but putting out promotional materials to your existing patients that encourage them to review your business online will also help a ton. 

Referrals From Local Physicians

Referrals from local physicians are a fantastic way to expand your brand recognition in your local community and attract new patients. One way to grow your referral program is through a physician liaison who can help you reach out to doctors in your area and build lasting connections. Alternatively, you can use a member of your marketing team to take on the liaison role.

Referral programs are so effective because patients are hearing about your practice from someone they trust with their medical care. Some of this trust is then transferred to your healthcare facility and will help you retain them as patients. 

Medical Email Marketing for Patient Retention

Successful email marketing campaigns build trust with patients by delivering information to consumers that they find relevant and valuable. 

A great way to do this in the medical industry is to segment your email list based on relevant factors such as patient demographics, appointment history, and medical conditions. For example, you could create a weekly or monthly newsletter for patients with arthritis that keeps them up to date on the latest exercises, vitamins, and medications to increase the quality of their lives. 

By keeping in touch with your patients, you are more likely to build trust and keep them coming back. 

Social Media Marketing in Healthcare

Social media marketing can be difficult to utilize in the healthcare industry because it’s difficult to garner organic growth through Facebook or Instagram posts. 

However, that doesn’t mean that social media marketing is useless. One tip on how to use a social media account for your healthcare institution is to post about recent events or practices you’ve implemented. This will help you forge another point of connection with your patients, and in turn, drive patient retention. 

Medical marketing can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We at Terraboost have worked with countless brands in a variety of healthcare-related industries: 

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Hospitals
  • Medical clinics and practices
  • Health insurance providers
  • Healthcare technology companies

We have over 120,000 wellness billboards located at countless pharmacies and respected brand name stores that reach up to 280 million consumers daily. So, if you are looking to quickly get your healthcare brand in front of consumers, reach out today for a free quote!