Thinking about running a digital out of home advertising campaign?

Want the best return on your ad spend?

Stick around because we’re about to show 5 DOOH best practices to help you get a better ROI.

5 Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Best Practices

Here are 5 DOOH best practices:

  1. Repurpose Old Creatives For DOOH
  2. Know Your Audience
  3. Use Motion In Ad Creatives
  4. Create Contextually Relevant Content
  5. Combine DOOH With Other Marketing Channels

1. Repurpose Old Creatives For DOOH

The first DOOH best practice is repurposing.

Have you ever run a successful online or physical ad campaign in the past?

Well you can save time and money by repurposing those ad creatives for your DOOH campaign. Take your existing digital assets such as images, videos, or even social media campaigns and adapt them for DOOH.

Just be mindful that not every DOOH campaign will use the same ad formats and specs. You need to keep in mind the size and aspect ratio of your new digital campaign and then make the right adjustments.

Our digital LCD displays have a resolution of 1320 x 2000px.

We have templates that make it easy to reformat your ad creatives for our network.

Speaking of our network, we can get you into major retail locations such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, grocery stores and more.

Additional Tips:

  • Use vibrant photos to grab attention
  • Keep your message clear, not clever
  • Select fonts that can easily be read from a far
  • Incorporate bright colors in your ad creative

2. Know Your Audience

This DOOH best practice is obvious but you’d be surprised by how many people overlook this.

Who are you trying to target?

The more specific you can get, the better your results.


  • Married couples with kids who earn an excess of $150,00 per year
  • Adults with diabetes in their 50s and above

We can’t speak for other DOOH service providers but when you advertise with us, we have over 6000 shopper data points and demographics.

If you want married couples with kids who make over $150K, we extract pharmacy and grocery locations in the suburbs where the average household income is $150K.

If you want to target diabetes customers, we can identify pharmacies that have higher than average levels of diabetes prescriptions.

Also look at their local area, city or language. 

Once you’ve gathered this information, think about how you can create ads that speak to these people.

Personalization and catering to your audience goes a long way.

3. Use Motion In Ad Creatives

Motion can be powerful in DOOH programmatic advertising.

Unlike static billboards or posters, DOOH screens allow for dynamic and animated content.

Animations or videos can make your ad creatives more memorable and draw more attention.

4. Create Contextually Relevant Content

​​Think about your audience’s surrounding environment.

Then think about what they could be doing before or after they visit a grocery store, pharmacy or retail location.

For example, if your business operates in a shopping mall, you can create DOOH ads that are tailored to the interests and needs of shoppers.

You can reference their:

  • Traffic
  • Current events
  • Current location
  • Flight statuses
  • Weather and more

5. Combine DOOH With Other Marketing Channels

DOOH by itself can be powerful but when you toss it into the mix with omnichannel marketing, you can get an even higher return on ad spend.

Here’s an example:

  • The customer walks near an in-store billboard
  • Their phone gets tagged by our geofencing systems
  • You can retarget them on their mobile device with digital ads

So now you can advertise to them both in a physical and digital way.

The more familiarity you build with your customers and the more touch points they have, the more likely they are to take action.

Wrapping Up Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) Best Practices

If you’re looking to get started with DOOH, reach out to us.

We’ve been helping small and large businesses drive more sales and land more customers since 2007.

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