Building a valuable connection with residents in your community

A unique marketing platform to elevate your business

Our exclusive wellness billboards offer a great opportunity for local businesses to stand out, get noticed, and attract new clients.

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Partnered with trusted local supermarkets and drugstores

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Boost awareness of your message in your area

Place your brand top-of-mind moments before purchase consideration

Wellness kiosks with can’t-miss ad signage are strategically positioned at the store entrance and in high-traffic, high-dwell time areas throughout each venue.

Add a custom QR code to your wellness billboard

Potential clients scan a QR code to be taken to your website, where they can learn more about your business.

Did you know? 

45% of U.S. shoppers scan QR codes

48% scan several times a month, 22% scan several times a week

89 million smartphone users scanned a QR code

Cost-efficient advertising with 100% exclusivity gives you a competitive edge in the community


Retailer-endorsed kiosks impacts results

With the retailer’s logo prominently featured on the wellness kiosk, advertisers benefit from an implied endorsement that fosters trust and leads to positive brand awareness and a significant lift in purchase intent.

Turnkey advertising solution

  • In-house design and all-inclusive production
  • Expert graphic designers seamlessly create custom advertising for your campaign

Boosting your brand. Boosting your business. Boosting your bottom line!