Connecting with consumers
in their everyday lives

A Unique marketing platform that combines the strengths of TV, digital, & OOH

Terraboost wellness billboards havve the massive scale of TV with over 280M+ daily impressions, the targetability of digital limiting waste, and the high impact of OOH surrounding the shopping experience

There's a new normal in consumer behavior

Consumers use 14x more sanitizing wipes than before COVID-19. TBM continues to offer expanded wellness to new and existing retail partners and their customers post-pandemic.

Engaging consumers in moments that matter

Strategically placed at the entrance and in high-traffic, high-dwell time areas throughout each venue, delivering 80% engagement.

Source: IRi 2022 Research Study

Showcase your business in a unique and creative way

Full-motion video

Eye-catching images

Personalized messaging

Customer testimonials

Feature your brand on a can’t-miss wellness billboard

Location-based precision targeting that maximizes your ROAS

Our hyper-local targeting enables us to pinpoint the most optimal locations for pharma advertisers to maximize the reach of relevant patients through 1st-party store-level data and 3rd-party syndicated research. 

100% share of voice blunts the competition at low, cost-effective CPMs

Boosting your brand. Boosting your business. Boosting your bottom line!

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