Terraboost Media: forging a valuable partnership with retailers through wellness

Key retail partners

Keeping consumers healthy with hand sanitizing

Terraboost Media, founded in 2007, is the pioneer in the business of sanitizing kiosk media. Our core business is designing and manufacturing a portfolio of patented kiosk designs, both digital and static, as well as sanitizer, sanitizer wipes, and other wellness products.

Our mission is to furnish venues with subsidized wellness supplies (wipes and sanitizer) to affordably offer to their guests, bringing unparalleled value to retailers and their guests. 

This laser focus has led to great success for our retail partners. We’ve deployed over 120,000+ kiosks across the USA, generating hundreds of millions in cost savings for our extensive network of grocery and pharmacy retailers, health clubs, malls, airports, and other esteemed partner locations. 

Working with Terraboost

Venue partners can work with Terraboost in two ways:

Cost-saving Option

Save on wipes & wellness products while utilizing the kiosks for self-promotion on the integrated signage area built into the fixtures.  

  • Elegant, sleek exterior incorporates signage space for your messaging.
  • You get credit with shoppers for providing this amenity (logo, message)
  • Take advantage of Terraboost cost efficiencies as one of the largest wellness manufacturers in the world
Revenue Generating Option

Monetize the kiosks by allowing 3rd party ad messaging.

  • Transform an expense into a revenue-producing asset.
  • Tasteful, non-competitive advertisements (which you have the right to approve/reject) are placed on the kiosks.
  • Subsidized wipes and kiosks are provided at no cost to you for further cost savings.

How we operate

Providing retailers a fully-serviced operation with minimal responsibility to our partners. 

Terraboost responsibilities:

  • Manufacture & Distribute the Wipes
  • Manufacture & Ship/Install Kiosks
  • Service Wipe Dispensers Via Merchandisers
  • Sell Ad Space on Dispensers
  • Design, Print, Ship, Install Ads
  • Merchandise 3rd party & house ads

There's a new normal in consumer behavior

COVID-19 challenged consumers’ sense of well-being, permanently changing consumer lifestyles and shopping behaviors.


disinfect hands, carts, and baskets


shop at a slower time


use a debit/credit card vs. cash


use self-checkout service


are taking additional precautions in-store

Wellness at retail is a priority for consumers

The availability of wipes where they shop is of utmost importance to consumers.

  • 99% feel safer shopping at stores that provide sanitizing stations
  • 26% would shop at a store out of their way if their chosen store did not provide wipes
  • Aside from the front entry of the store, the locations Shopperswould like to see additional stations include:
  • 67% Check-out Area 
  • 58% Pharmacy Area
  • 45% Cold/Flu Product Aisles 
  • 32% Beverage Cooler Ares

Source: IRi

About us

Terraboost Media (“TBM”), based in Naperville, IL, is an 18-year-old domestic manufacturer specializing in sanitizer, wipes, kiosks, and other wellness products.

Uniquely, the company doubles as a media sales company selling advertising display space on the kiosks it manufactures. The kiosks are strategically placed into renowned retailers such as CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Albertsons, Kroger, H-E-B, Michaels, Meijer, Aldi, LA Fitness, Malls, Airports, and more. Advertising sales allow TBM to provide subsidized wipes and transform an expense into a profit center.  

TBM merchandises 120,000+ dispensers throughout the USA and sells media via its team of 180+ sales representatives.

Warehouse operations are in Bolingbrook, IL, Sacramento, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Macon, GA, and Boston, MA, ensuring efficient logistics and support for our partners nationwide.

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