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Joy P

Terraboost Media

I just started working with Terraboost and my experience thus far has been excellent. My rep Tom has been professional, forthcoming and helpful. The artwork was edited to my satisfaction and I trust the campaign which just started will be successful.

Christina C.

Let It Be Known!

We have been very happy with our kiosks with sanitizer dispenser at our local grocery store. So much so that we renew year after year. Who would have thought that especially during the last year that the importance of hand sanitizing would become essential to everybody! The exposure that we receive is evident by the clients and customers that mention that they “Saw us at the store!”. We have always found the team at Terraboost Media to be responsive and patient as we sometimes overthink our advertising and they keep us right on track! Thank you Terraboost Media and especially Ryan P., Client Success Manager.

Andrea G

Terraboost Media

I’m a realtor in Berkeley and Oakland California, and having the Terraboost hand sanitizer in front of the local Safeway has been great. They did a wonderful job with my artwork, and have been very responsive to making sure I am happy with their product. Five stars!

Ruth Stroup

Farmers Insurance

I did Terraboost a decade ago, and had 10 kiosks around town so I know it works! I was really happy when Farmers put them in our Co-Op program. I have 5 locations near me, and looking forward to the increased traffic that comes from great marketing!

Bruce D.

Excellent Service

My experience with Terraboost has been fantastic. They are responsive, informative, and helpful. I am new to in-store advertising and the Terraboost team has guided me with recommendations on where, when, and why.

Chris M.

Terraboost has already done wonders and helped get me quality leads. The exposer they have provided has got me many compliments. I would recommend them to anyone looking for quality exposure through advertising.

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