Connecting with residents in
their neighborhoods

A unique marketing platform that combines the strengths of TV, digital, & OOH

  • Massive scale of TV with over 280M+ daily impressions
  • Targetability of digital limiting waste
  • High impact of OOH surrounding the shopping experience

Engaging people at multiple touchpoints throughout their days

Terraboost’s wellness kiosks with prominent can’t-miss ad signage are strategically positioned in high-traffic, high-dwell time areas throughout nationally recognized local venues.

Driving brand awareness and consideration at national scale

80% kiosk engagement in the moment of care

Source: IRi 2022 Research Study

Location-based precision targeting that maximizes your ROAS

Our hyper-local targeting enables us to pinpoint the most optimal locations for pharma advertisers to maximize the reach of relevant patients through 1st-party store-level data and 3rd-party syndicated research. 

Retailer-endorsed wellness kiosks impact results

With the retailer’s logo prominently featured on the wellness kiosk, advertisers benefit from an implied endorsement that fosters trust and results in positive brand awareness and a significant lift in purchase intent.

Blunt your competition with 100% share of voice at low and cost-efficient CPMs

Boosting your brand. Boosting your business. Boosting your bottom line!

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