Engaging over 280 million consumers every day

With over 49,000 locations, our network offers brands multiple touchpoints to reach consumers throughout their day

Our Supermarket Network

Connecting with grocery shoppers in-store at the supermarket

Each supermarket can reach up to 1 million shoppers a year!

Key supermarket venue partners

Surround shoppers with your brand message on the path to purchase

Sparking interest and driving action in the moment

  • 80% of customers live within a 3-mile drive
  • Ideal placement, positioned at the front door of each store and in high-use/high-dwell-time areas 
  • Brand equity and trust in local supermarkets, the backbone of the community, fosters trust in brands.
  • Hyper-local precision targeting to reach qualified consumers at national scale
12,000 Locations
43,200 Hand Sanitizing Kiosks
160 National Markets
4.5M Impressions per Month

Our Digital Supermarket Network

Captivate and engage shoppers with digital wellness billboards

Key venue partners

High-visibility placements at store entrances leave a lasting impression

Sparking interest and driving action on the path to purchase

  • Advanced hyper-local targeting to select the most optimal locations,
  • No lead time, no minimums
  • Flexibility for creative changes to meet the moment
  • Available direct or programmatic via open exchange and PMP
2,500 Locations
5,100 Screens
80 National Markets
330M+ impressions per month

Our Pharmacy Network

Connecting with consumers in health mindset moments

Located in 5 of the top 6 U.S. retail pharmacies

Representing 89% of the $226 billion in pharmacy prescription sales.

* Based on prescription sales.
Source: Drug Channels Institute

Key venue partners

High-visibility placement at the front door and pharmacy waiting area

Sparking interest and driving action on the path to purchase

  • Hyper-local targeting enables us to identify optimal locations that best reach high-value consumers
  • Retailer-endorsed kiosk, leveraging the halo effect of retailer equity and trust that fosters trust in brand sponsors
24,000 Locations
45,000 Hand Sanitizing Kiosks
125 National Markets
3.3M Impressions per Month

Our Health Club Network

Engaging active, health-conscious consumers

Key venue partners

Can’t-miss placement surrounding the workout experience

Sparking interest and driving action on the path to purchase

  • 6 Jumbo Wellness Billboards per club surrounding the workout experience
  • 79-minutes average dwell time per visit
  • Captive audience with high-frequency engagement
  • Precision targeting based on geography, ethnicity, income, behavior
920+ Locations
5,100+ Hand Sanitizing Kiosks
63M+ Impressions per Month

Our Mall Network

Surround consumers in shopping mindset moments

Key venue partners

Ideal placement at mall entrance, food court, and busy walkways

Sparking interest and driving action on the path to purchase

  • Located in over 50% of the enclosed malls in the U.S., as well as in outlet & strip malls.
  • Average of 12 sanitizing stations at each property
  • Hyper-local precision targeting based on geography, ethnicity, income, behavior
520+ Locations
7,200+ Hand Sanitizing Kiosks
103 National Markets
260M+ Impressions per Month

Our Airport Network

Engaging consumers on their journey to and from the gate

Key venue partners

Can’t-miss placement strategically placed at the check-in, security, food courts, and gates

Capture the attention of a highly sought-after audience

  • Average of 40 sanitizing stations within each airport
  • 100% SOV and unparalleled frequency at the airport
  • Precision targeting based on geography, demographics, behavioral
14+ Locations
700+ Hand Sanitizing Kiosks
14 National Markets
35M+ Impressions per Month

Boosting your brand. Boosting your business. Boosting your bottom line!