Terraboost Media adds digital kiosks to its retail media network

Terraboost Media, known for its extensive retail media network of 120,000 wellness kiosks in supermarkets and pharmacies across the U.S., is adding digital kiosks to its network. Through its partnership with flagship national retailer, Albertsons, Terraboost is rolling out 5,100 digital kiosks to all Albertsons stores and their full network of stores nationwide, as well as select Kroger and independent stores.  The digital kiosks will deliver more than 430 million impressions per month, across 80 designated marketing areas (DMAs). 

Creating “Aha Moments” with Consumers

Terraboost kiosks are positioned for high visibility, reaching customers as they enter the store and capturing 100% of shoppers before purchases are made. Our kiosks also provide an important service to customers with complimentary sanitizing wipes, which drives our strong 80% engagement rate* and builds positive brand opinion through perceived sponsorship.

Terraboost’s retail media network creates “aha moments” that capture consumer attention at the right place, at the right time–on the path to purchase. This impact is evident in our proven 36% lift in purchase intent and 94% positive brand opinion*.

The Right Message at the Right Moment

Our digital retail media offers advertisers the flexibility to change creative to take advantage of relevant triggers such as:

  • Daypart messaging, which delivers relevant messaging to reach target customers during the most opportune times of the day.
  • Weather triggers, enabling advertisers to deliver ads that align with specific weather conditions like rain, high-pollen count, or heavy snowfall.

Terraboost’s broad retail media network reach, combined with our advanced targeting technology, allows advertisers to craft hyper-targeted campaigns at scale while maximizing efficiency. Our enhanced consumer targeting capabilities include venue selection by first-party or IRi sales data, audience, behavioral traits, geography, store and division.

For more information about Terraboost’s digital retail media, contact us.

*Source: Arbitron/Nielsen Onsights Research 12/2020, IRi study March and October 2022 involving a vaccine manufacturer’s 1-year pharmacy kiosk campaign.

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