What Is DOOH Retargeting?

Ellie Whims
Ellie Whims

In this article, I’ll show you what DOOH retargeting is, how it works, the benefits it offers, and provide an example of how you can use it to get a better return on ad spend.

Digital Out Of Home or dooh media are screen advertisements found in shopping malls, airports, bus stops, grocery stores, pharmacies, retail locations and even billboards.

Digital out of home (DOOH) retargeting tags customers who walk by these screens and allows you to serve them ads on their mobile devices at a later time.

This makes sense because the sentence is specifically talking about programmatic DOOH.

pDOOH automates and makes the process more simple.

You can have your ads trigger based on specific conditions such as:

  • Time of day
  • Weather
  • Mobile data
  • Demographics
  • Location data

Once your DOOH ad runs, especially through platforms that support digital out-of-home programmatic advertising, mobile location data can show us who was exposed to it. We can then automatically re-target those people.

How DOOH Retargeting Works

Here’s an example of retargeting we offer:

  1. Customer sees your in-store billboard
  2. They step inside the geofence
  3. Their phone is tagged
  4. You can retarget them on their mobile device via social media

That’s just one way of physical to digital type of DOOH Retargeting.

Another way you can retarget customers is with QR codes.

You place a QR code on your in-store billboard, they scan it and boom, you can retarget them later.

We’ve seen just how powerful this is first hand. If you want the best return on ad spend, contact us and we can set this up for you.

Benefits Of DOOH Retargeting

DOOH retargeting gives you an edge. You can re-target customers on social media who have already shown interest or have already seen your brand.

This increases the odds that your ad will convert into a sale.

Another advantage of DOOH retargeting is that all your ads are in real time. You pay for the time and place where you want them to show.

Instead of waiting weeks to get your ads live, you can have them ready to go in less than 10 minutes.

No more waiting for ad companies to manually swap out billboards or posters.

DOOH retargeting can give you some valuable insights and analytics through various digital out-of-home advertising platforms. By tracking consumer interactions with the digital screens, you can gather data on impressions, engagement rates, and conversions. You can use this data to refine your ad campaign and increase conversions over time.

Massive brands like Zoom, have used this same strategy to generate over 18.5 million ad impressions.

Wrapping Up DOOH Retargeting

Sometimes customers don’t convert the first time they see an ad.

And that’s ok.

But you need a strategy to stay in front of them and that’s why DOOH Retargeting is the perfect solution.

If you’d like to incorporate this powerful strategy into your ad campaigns, contact us.